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A course to learn how to feel the energy, prepare yourself as a healer and energetically support yourself and others.

Energy Healings have their roots in the mists of time, in Shamanism, in Ayurveda, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Magnetism... In the past, human beings were following their intuition and feelings, over their mind and rational thinking.

We can bring back these techniques and use them in our modern world. 

And you can learn how to use some of these tools in this Energy Healing Course. 

It is based on my learnings with great teachers, my research and my experience. 

The aim of this course is for you to understand the general principles of energy, the matter, our different bodies... You will learn how to prepare yourself as a healer and learn tools to apply energy healing to yourself and others.

I created this experience to be profound and meaningful. 

My intention is not only to give you tools, but to make sure you make them yours and use them with your sensibility.

No prerequisites are necessary to follow this training which is open to all, individuals and professionals. 

Cost of the course.

This course is designed over 6 sessions of 90 minutes. At your own rhythm, you can choose to do a session every week, fortnight or month.

Each session is $200 for one or $150pp if you are 2. 

If you are interested or if you want to learn more about the course.

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