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An integrative experience to learn some beautiful massage techniques.

This very integrative, practical, hands on course will help you understand how the body works and give you tools to suport others on their health journey with holistic & intuitive massage. 

Massage is a beautiful door to come back to the body. To reconnect to it. To integrate into the matter all our life experiences.

I created this experience to be profound, transformational and meaningful. 

I deeply believe in the connection between mind, body and spirit. In this training you will learn how to connect them through authentic touch. 

My intention is not only to give you tools, but to make sure you make them yours and use them with your sensibility.

No prerequisites are necessary to follow this training which is open to all, individuals and professionals. 

The program

Basic anatomy and physiology

The presence of the therapist: the power of intention and touch

The great posture of the therapist

Relaxation massage techniques for back, head, neck, shoulders, arms and legs.

Practical sessions

The group weekend training includes plant based organic lunch and snacks.

Cost of the course

Group weekend training - 4 students - $600*

Next course 10th & 11th December 2022

In Sumner, Christchurch

* Payment plan available


1o1 training 

Over 6 sessions of 90 minutes - $150 per session 

Please note - This 1o1 training goes deeper that the group training and you will learn many other techniques like abdominal massage, energy techniques, cranial techniques, ... 

If you are interested or if you want to learn more about the course.

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