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La Douceur Du Silence

Silent Retreat ☾ Women's retreat 

26th March - 1st April 2023

This 7 day retreat, with 5 days in silence, is an invitation to come back to yourself and to meet your sacred truth. You will be surrounded by nature, reconnect, feel held and deepen the relationship with yourself.

It is an opportunity to shed layers and meet the beauty of what is inside.

A space for you to look after yourself, dive into your own depth.

A space to drop into the body and connect with the precious heart space.

A circle to connect & honor your femininity and its power.

A call to honor who you truly are, to heal with love and fully embody your light.


"External silence can be the doorway to inner silence." Ram Dass


♡ What to expect


⊱ Cacao ceremony

⊱ Meditation

⊱ Breathwork/Pranayama

⊱ Asanas/yoga

⊱ Yoga Nidra

⊱ Embodiment practices

⊱ Inspirational talks and workshops

⊱ Walks and nature connection

⊱ Time for creativity and rest


Please note: the full porgram of the retreat will be sent to you later on and is subject to change.


☾ The place

Ridgeclif - Banks Peninsula


Ridgeclif is a magical location surrounded by nature.

This lush place, cut off from the rest of the world, invites us to reconnect to the rhythm of nature and remember our own rhythm.

The beautiful space is an ideal environment to come back to ourselves and to initiate this journey.

You'll be surrounded by the majestic bays where it is possible to swim.

The accommodation is offered in a room of 2 or king bedroom that can be shared with a friend or family.


♡ The Food

My mum will be making us the honour to cook for this retreat. She is a French chef and will cook for us wholesome plant based, organic ans seasonal food. An experience in itself!

The food will be prepared with love and will give us one more oportunity to connect with Nature. 


☾ The dates

The retreat starts on Sunday the 26th of March from 5pm. We will have an opening circle, evening practice and diner. 

The retreats end on Saturday the 1st of April, after the morning practice, breakfast and a closing circle. 

♡ The prices (per person)

⊱ NZ$1475 for a bunk bed

⊱ NZ$1725 for a shared king bedroom

⊱ NZ$1975 for a king bedroom


☾ How to apply

⊱ Fill the application form.

⊱ Pay a NZ$650 deposit.

⊱ Full payment must be done before March 1st.

⊱ In case of cancellation for personal reason: the deposit is not refundable.

⊱ In case of cancellation for major reason or testing positive to covid: the deposit will be transfered for an other retreat or sessions with Margaux. 

⊱ For any request you can email me


♡ The facilitator

Margaux is a curious, conscious, creative and loving being. 

She chose to dedicate her life to being a Holistic coach, guiding people to become who they are. Through Integrative Medicine, Energetic Healing, Yoga teaching and many more practices she has learned to accept all the parts of herself, even the messy pieces. ​

Everyday she chooses to live her life from a place of integrity, joy, self-awareness and douceur and knows that everybody can do it. 


For as long as she can remember, she has felt this deep need to create change.

What about a world where humans love themselves and others?

Today, right now, she feels its needed more than ever. To grow and heal as individuals and therefore change the collective/humanity.

She believes that every single person has the right to be seen, heard and loved.

The world is demanding more self-aware, conscious people. Human beings who understand themselves and others. Humans who live in harmony with Nature. And by doing so , feel more compassion and love. Feel more alive.


"Silence is not empty. It is full of answers." Rumi


Payment plan available. Please contact me for more information.

Your application will be validated once you paid the deposit 

Or pay via bank transfer 02-1253-0107599-20

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