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Hand Touching Water

Ritual Fast.


Experiencing water fasting differently. 

Feeling the change, healing, and transformation. 

Feeling guided, supported and safe through the experience of fasting.

Being in the flow, reconnected to your body and feeling it all. 

Bringing the beautiful and powerful feminine energy and self-awareness into this practice.

Do you feel that you are ready to take fasting to another level? 

If this is you, I am here for you.

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“Everyone can perform magic, everyone can reach his goals,if
he is able to think, if he is able to wait, if he is able to fast.” Hermann Hesse

​​My sessions are created from your intentions and our conversations. I will help you have the most powerful experience of water fasting.

I will walk beside you by opening a safe container, providing guidance, support, encouragement, and I will hold you accountable.

My support practice is holistic, flexible and tailored.

“Always be like a water. Float in the times of pain or dance like waves along the wind which touches its surface." Santosh Kalwar

Ritual Fast - The offerings

Rocks of Balance

Guided Ritual Fast


A sacred support and guidance so you can fully feel held and lean into the experience.

What will I get? 
  • 5 online sessions to support you before, during and after the Ritual Fast.

  • WhatsApp support.

  • You will receive what you need to expand: workbook full of beautiful content, guided meditations and content I create as additional support.

  • A sincere and open listening. I will be opening a safe container just for you.

  • Your investment in yourself: NZ$444. Payment plans available.

Old Pier

Self-lead Ritual Fast

You have experienced water fasting and you feel the call and you want to change the way you practice it. 

What will I get? 
  • An online session to help you be in the right space and answer all your questions. 

  • WhatsApp support.

  • You will receive what you need to expand: workbook full of beautiful content, guided meditations and content I create as additional support.

  • A sincere and open listening. I will be opening a safe container just for you.

  • Your investment in yourself: NZ$222. Payment plans available.

Only real thing I need from you? 

To be committed. Use this space and opportunity as an anchor into all that this time is meant to hold for you.

My Ritual Fast containers are designed with love and intention. Together we will go deep. It’s really important to me that we both feel confident and trusting of each other as we dive into this life-changing experience. If you’re a yes and I am a yes, based on our first Alchemy call, we will design the program together to meet your needs and create the change and transformation you are here for.

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” Lao Tzu

What people say...

Blue Water

"My Ritual Fast with Margaux was amazing! I've never wanted to do a fast before, but when I read about this ritual fast it really changed my perspective. 

The way that Margaux holds the space and explains it in a feminine, soft and loving way really spoke to me. 
She also supported me so well before, during and afterwards. Even when I was struggling I knew she was there for me the whole time.
Thank you Margaux. I now have such a deep appreciation for this body of mine. "

New Zealand

"I did the Ritual Fast with Margaux and it was so beautiful and surprisingly easy. All the content I had access to was helping and guided me through the experience. I feel reconnected to my body and felt really grounded after the fast. I'm so grateful for the tools, kind and warm support I received during the program."


"Margaux held me in unconditional love and support as I did the hardest thing I felt I could do. I needed to meet the deepest parts of me which I did in this experience and I was able to go all in with the guiding support of Margaux. She held a really soft, feminine but grounded space for me to experience this journey in and I loved it so much. I’m forever changed now 💛"

New Zealand

  • Why should I work with you?
    Because I'm a woman, human being, passionate about helping you and holding space for you to grow, to expand. I want you to rediscover yourself and witness the power of self-awareness. All my inspiration comes from my life experiences. The simple tools I developped to help you on your journey are the ones that helped me as well. I'm here to give you support and guide you to reconnect to this part of you that knows all the answers. That inner wisdom, intuition. I am not here to heal you. You are here to heal yourself and I'm here to walk beside you.
  • What is your background?
    As love of learning is one of my character strenghts, you will find here most of my academic background as well as some life experiences. ​ - Physiotherapy degree in Spain. A beautiful experience in a foreign country, learning about the human body and how to heal it. I've met beautiful people and had amazing life teachers who helped me create the passionate therapist that I'm today. - Physiological Chains of Busquet was my first contact with a 'global approach' of the body as a healer and the absolute "love at the first sight" for visceral (abdominal) techniques that I'm still using today. For me the connection brain-gut is playing an essential role in our life. - Working several years as a "Masseur-Kinesitherapeute" in different environments to learn more about the human body and psychology. I had amazing moments of connexions with patients and new life teachers. - Working in my own center specialized in integrative medicine, chronic pain and abdominal massage. - My amazing master in Psycho-Neuro-Imuno-Endocrinology (Integrative Medicine), a life changing experience. One of the most fulfilling training in terms of knowledge giving me even more passion for our beautiful and precious health. - Becoming a Reiki Master and learning about Energetic Medicine confirmed the importance of the relationship between body-mind-spirit. - My 2 Yoga TTC in India. One of them was a month in silence, away from all distractions (except my own head!). Reflecting on myself, discovering more and more, going deeper and deeper through the layers of the ego. An unforgettable and challenging experience. - Three years learning Psycho-anthropology. A powerful teaching to discover more about the mind and conditioning. - Wellcoaches course. Health coach and psychology of coaching.
  • What does your work involve?
    As a Holistic coach, my intention is to help you take the actions and make the beautiful moves that will create the changes you need in your life. I will be here to support you and invite you to be the owner of your life. Some of the areas I can help you with: - Nutrition (Mindful eating, relationship with food, understanding basics of nutrition). - Lifestyle. - Energetic blocages. - Emotional blocages, limiting beliefs. - Positive behavioral change. - Self-love. - Yoga, mindfulness and meditation. - Body/physical issues and pain. - Gut issues, Digestive disorders. - Feminity - integrating masculine and feminie energy. - Manifestation principles.
  • What is a Holistic coach?
    I realised early in my career and self-development journey the wholeness of the human being. In my sessions, my approach is always from a holistic, integrative perspective. It means that I use some tools such as integrative medicine and nutrition, NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), lifestyle coaching, yoga, meditation, psycho-anthropology, ... This integrative approch is for me the best way to help you on your healing journey. Thanks to my education, curiosity, love of learning and life experiences, I created a wholeness approach including body, mind and spirit. You will feel empowered and will receive all the support you need to expand.
  • What language the session can be?
    The sessions can be in English and French (Spanish on request).
  • Where does the session take place?
    Sessions are on Zoom. Online offering is really adaptive to our beautifully busy lives.
  • What does a session look like?
    Our 1:1 60-minute sessions are always designed specifically around your intention, needs and goals. Working just you and I give you this precious time and space to focus on yourself. I will open a safe container and be fully present and sincerely listening to everything you have to share with me. We will together focus on the "What" you can do. It will be a powerful combination of tailored individual advices, energetic techniques, breathing exercises, meditation, lifestyle techniques and integrative nutritional education (if you want to work on that aspect as well). Remember that I'm not here to heal you but I will walk beside you on this journey. We will together define your goals and I will support you in your efforts and make sure you always feel empowered. Some tools I use during our sessions: Integrative and lifestyle medicine Energetic Healing Transformational Journaling NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Self Care & Reflection Mindfulness-based Techniques Habit-building Nutritional education Somatic work (breath work, yoga)
  • What does douceur mean? What does container mean?
    Douceur doesn’t really have a translation in English. It’s a beautiful mix of kindness, softness and gentleness. Douceur has a big place in my life. Being in my douceur allows me to reconnect to my intuition, to my heart, my femininity and to the present moment. Douceur is also part of my work. I want you to experience this douceur within yourself and what it can bring to your life. And that’s why I love what I do and the way I do it. My medical background often showed me the masculine side of healing. Douceur is beautifully feminine in the energy and for me more appropriate for healing, reconnecting to the roots of medicine. It changes your relationship with yourself. So, are you ready for some Douceur ? We often read "openeing a safe container" but what does it really mean?
  • I have an other question
    Beautiful! Please email me at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can!
Hand Touching Water
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