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New Moon

Nourish. Heal. Grow. Create.

Just maybe...

You want to change, heal, and transform your life.

You feel stuck and don’t know where to begin, overwhelmed by all the information "out there". 

You struggle with understanding yourself. You have low self-love & self-worth and find yourself judging and comparing with others. 

You are challenged by limiting beliefs, negative thought patterns and overwhelmed by your emotions.

You find yourself people-pleasing and self-betraying to receive love or struggle to set boundaries, say no, or ask for your needs.

And you would like to...

Feel more connected to your body and more aligned, improve your health in all areas of your life -mind, body, spirit.

Experience joy, self-love, confidence, peace and aliveness.

Listen, respect and understand your internal experience and your impact on the experience of others.
Live an authentic life.

Feel responsible and be able to know why you made that particular choice for yourself and what you can do to improve it.
Manifest what you want in your life.​​

Is there a part of you that knows there is ‘more’ to life than what you are currently experiencing?

Do you want to stoke that inner fire? 

If this is you, I am here for you.

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"And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?" Rumi

​​My sessions are created from your intentions and our conversations. I will help you find simple ways of making positive, meaningful changes.

I will walk beside you by providing guidance, support, encouragement, and I will hold you accountable.

My support practice is holistic, flexible and tailored.

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For You

The length of what I call the "accompagnement" will depend on your intention, goals, and needs.

Together during the sessions, we will implement simple holistic techniques for your body, mind and soul in order to create lasting changes. 


Through integrative and transformational practices, I will walk beside you to find the keys to (re)connect with your inner wisdom and become more self-aware. 


Imagine having a beautiful, nourishing and compassionate relationship with yourself. Understanding yourself and others and creating the life you always wanted. 


The deep inside, I believe that everyone has the power to create and live their most beautiful life – including you. I will not try to change who you are, but I will guide you so you can reconnect with the wisdom that is already inside.


Only real thing I need from you? 

To be committed. Use this space and opportunity as an anchor into all that this time is meant to hold for you.

My 1:1 containers are designed with love and intention. Together we will go deep. It’s really important to me that we both feel confident and trusting of each other as we dive into this life-changing experience. If you’re a yes and I am a yes, based on our first Alchemy call, we will design the program together to meet your needs and create the change and transformation you are here for.

“The key to growth is the introduction of higher dimensions of consciousness into our awareness.” Lao Tzu

What people say...

Full Moon

Working with Margaux was so amazing. I’ve been having a hard time this past year, and with that I lost connection with myself, my needs and was overwhelmed by my emotions. I wasn’t eating well or moving my body in a way that was nourishing. I even stopped meditating and doing the practices I know make me feel good. That’s why I went to Margaux, as I knew she would have the answers for me and guide me to find my inner wisdom. Working with her was life changing. She has such a soft and gentle manner, that I could tell her anything. But she also had so much wisdom and knowledge, and told me what I needed to hear. She helped me find love for myself again. My favourite aspects of her coaching was her energy healing, and amazing lifestyle advices. Thank you Margaux!


"It has been absolutely a joy spending time talking to Margaux and l'm so grateful for everything she has helped me with during our 3 months together. She has helped me so much in my own personal journey. Helping me to be more self aware of myself and who l am and who l want to be going forward with my own life. She is a beautiful human being and a gift to the world."


"Margaux has helped me find out the origin of my tummy pain, bloating and general feeling of discomfort in my whole body. With her coaching, energetic healing and accurate care, I've seen my health increasing remarkably and found again a healthy connexion with my body. I've improved a lot my relationship to food and how I deal with and feel my own body. It's a long journey where strong knowledge, listening and support make a big difference and Margaux made it all. I couldn't recommend her extremely gentle approach enough. You will be in good and golden hands. 


With love.

Me and my body xx"


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