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My vision of health is simple: our body holds all the keys to heal itself.

Sometimes we just need a bit of support and guidance in order to find them.


As an internationally trained health practitioner, I offer an integrative approach to body work, helping you with your body  needs: chronic pain management, stress management, body image,  digestive issues...

 Together, we will define what your needs are and work with techniques such as massage therapy, fascia therapy, visceral massage, yoga therapy, trigger point, ... 

My method includes holistic support (see below).

Usually, I recommend weekly treatments for up to three to four weeks. During that time, your body will implement new ways to respond and you will feel the beneficial effects of the treatment. Then we can continue with a session every fortnight or month for maintenance and prevention.



Energy comes from the greek word ergon which means in action. It explains the essential notion of energy : movement. Quantic physic explained that we are made of concentrated energy constantly vibrating. When we are not vibrating on the right frequency, it can cause dysfunction in our systems.

Reiki and Energetic Medicine are techniques that help the stagnant energies to flow, allowing movement again in your energetic field. The benefits of these techniques can be physical, psychological and spiritual.

You can combine the Energetic Healing with Body Work or just receive it on it's own. 

At the beginning of the session we will take a moment to discuss your needs and share your intention for the treatment. 


During my years of practice as a health practitioner, I realised that the psychological support I was providing to my patient was helping as much as the physical techniques. 

This is why I cannot perceive healing without that dimension. 

The holistic support is always combined with Body work or Energetic Healing but you can choose to just be guided with coaching sessions. I will walk beside you to find the keys to (re)connect with your inner wisdom and become more self-aware. 

These sessions can also be done online if you wish.

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45 minutes - from NZ$75

75 minutes (limited spaces) - from NZ$125

Every Thursday - Koha/Donation

As you can see my prices are “from ..$”

I invite you to pay this price or more depending on how much you think you want and can give.

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